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 Welcome to TPR!

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PostSubject: Welcome to TPR!   Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:38 pm

Wai hallo thare,

I am SarahPUFFY! Beloved blogger, Yoo Toober, and admin of TPR forum. I started out on LJ, but I wanted to branch out, and I moved my ass on over to Blogger - and then, YT! My sweet folks at the Cupcake Mafia Forum [affectionately known as CM] KiKi and Jade inspired me to become a blogger, because I had SO many product reviews posted. And it just grew from there!

And though I hate to admit it, this forum was not my idea; my friend Lisbeth [LizabethAdmin/twilightshadows] thought it would be great if I had a place to connect with my readers more. Apparently, its the hip thing to do when you become hot in the blogosphere! I don't think I'm really there yet, but hey, its still pretty cool! Just take note that when I'm not around, Lisbeth is the HBIC!

Now, there are a few more rules [yeah, that's a lot coming from me] that all you lovely little members but hold to:

Quote :
- Be respectful to all members. Don't care who you are, or what kind of day you've had - treat everyone the way you would be treated. Puffy don't deal with flamers too well. If you have some weird ass beef with someone on here for any kind of reason, send them a PM and deal with it like adults. Mmk? Good.

With that said; when someone makes a post pictures including hair/makeup/art/writing, DO NOT say something along the lines of "Your hair/makeup/art/writing sucks!" That = super admin bitch slap. Give constructive criticism. Tell them what you like or do not like about whatever the hell it is they've done, and tell them how they could improve. Don't make me lay the smackdown on you, dig?

And as of serious discussions, don't get all pissy and force your opinions down someone's throat. There IS a way to express your opinions on a serious matter without being a jerk.

- Its clear that I don't mind naughty language in the least, but if you take it too far in a regular post, like FUCKIN FUCKIN FUCKEDY CUNT NUGGET-TASTIC, then I gotta step in. Don't overdo it!

- Plz don't revive old topics. Not only is it annoying as hell, its just....annoying as hell.

- Get familiar! My mods and beloved Lisbeth don't like having to move posts everywhere just because someone was too lazy to look through the forum to get familiar with the topics. Cos if you think that a topic already exists, then most likely, it does. And chill, our forum is NOT huge - we are no flippin Specktra, yo.

- No huge pics! If your pics are too large, then they'll stretch out the screen, and make the page load up more slowly. Please keep your photos around 480x640 - its the perfect size! Signature photos should be no bigger than 320x240. If your photos are too big, then resize them on Photobucket or ImageShack. If you don't know how to resize a photo, put it in a spoiler!

- Learn how to use the link coding! Just as with photos, no one likes long links that make the page slow and stretchy! So do everyone a favour, and use the Link Code [see that icon with a wee link on it? YEAH, that one!] so keep the forum looking neat and tidy.

And that's pretty much it - everything you need to know for TPR forum. I hope that you're active, and that you have lots and lots of fun!

Puffy's blog and YT!

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to TPR!   Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:05 pm

A rule from Lisabeth: Double posting can get annoying. There should be an 'edit' option for everyone on their own posts.. Kindly use it, unless the two posts are completely and totally unrelated. Using the edit button will cut back on needless clutter, and will make the mods' lives a lot easier when it comes time to clean up a topic. Thanks so much!
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Welcome to TPR!
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