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 C.O. Bigelow Lip Formula SPF 15

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PostSubject: C.O. Bigelow Lip Formula SPF 15   Mon Jun 16, 2008 5:06 pm

Many women are fond of CO's lip formulas. These menthol scented and minty flavoured gems are HGs to many all over. However, I've always remained apprehensive. There's no way this stuff would replace my beloved Aquafina! But alas, I've been proven wrong.

I needed something with SPF to protect my lips - something my Aquafina didn't have. So while in the Bath and Body Works in the mall, I saw this product and immediately wanted to snag it, to see if it could live up to all the hype - and save my pucker from the goddamn sun. Sadly, we had to head off to the Boardwalk, so I figured it'd just have to wait.

So once we finally got to the Boardwalk, Beau and I headed to the BBW they had there - and the lip formula was on sale for $5! At the mall, it was still $7.50. Score! I wanted the other SPF version in the solid balm form, but I needed to pick up some sunnies, so I decided to save it for next time.

Now, as of the actual review:

Its not as shiny as my lip oil, which I can appreciate. I like using my lip oil mainly when I want my lipsticks to have a glossy finish with moisturization during the day. I get funny looks when I walk around the house with shiny lips, though! C.O. delivers moisturization without the glossy glare. However, C.O. doesn't last as long on my lips. So to prolong its wear, I apply Aquafina balm first, then I slick on the C.O. This guarantees a good few hours of wear. The combo is also great for bedtime - I woke up the next morning with soft, moisturized lips! My lip oil usually slides off at night - its more liquidy than the SPF formula - so this was a pleasant surprise.

Another thing is that it tastes great - maybe this is because it has 65% sweet almond oil!

All in all, I do wish I could wear this on its own and be sure it'll last. I really like this though, so I'd buy it again!

Also, while looking at the website, I noticed that these mentha lip shines look like expensive versions of my Aquafina - but with a ton of different flavours. Ironically, Aquafina products have been discontinued, so these may have to replace them once I run out [and if I can't find any on sale].

C.O. Bigelow, you win!

Is this stuff your HG? Got some stories to share? Tell me here!

xx Puffy

Puffy's blog and YT!

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C.O. Bigelow Lip Formula SPF 15
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